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16th-Nov-2009 10:51 pm(no subject)
Apoligising for the shitty LJ friend i''ve been lately, and not updating (if anyone reads). But the next posts will probably confirm why I've been a bit busy... (if anyone reads 'em :p)
1st-Jan-2009 11:21 am - HEADS UP

My journal is of no importance except for myself who will forget something that happened whilst it's still happening. Because of this I've been forced to recap my day so in years to come I can't say "I was once 21? What the hell did I do that year?!" and instead pull out my handy dandy livejournal and reminisce about the days where I did absolutely fuck all.

So yes, I update every day (or pretend to sometimes if I actually get busy), and no, please don't feel obliged to comment :P!

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